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  • ConceptSystem 77 Okna, ConceptWall 50 Ściany osłonowe oraz CW 50-SC Ściany osłonowe - Hotel/Holiday complex Tykhe Hotel zlokalizowany wAngola
  • Vitor Hugo, Coordenação e Gestão de Projectos

Tykhe Hotel

Angola - 2016


The hotel with glazed façade covers an area of 60 064 square meters and has 31 floors. In addition to light and luxurious rooms, the hotel offers many wonderful facilities such as a large indoor swimming pool. Tykhe Hotel is particularly striking due to its arch-shaped roof. The roof houses a semi-enclosed 'sky bar,' where guests can enjoy a drink in the evenings, below the starry sky.


Involved stakeholders


  • Vitor Hugo, Coordenação e Gestão de Projectos


  • Edimetal Angola

Inny interesariusz

  • Edifer Angola (Generalny wykonawca)
  • AAA Activos LDA (Investors)